Take care of your body & mind

Body & Mind

At Colina Verde you will find calm, silence, peace and tranquility that will allow you to organize a wonderful retreat. The surrounding green takes us to a peaceful state that provides all the conditions for a successful meeting. We have a team dedicated to organizing these meetings to bring you a wonderful experience.


If you need to improve your flexibility, relieve back pain, among other benefits, you can always do a group retreat with Pilates classes. Sounds easy, but quite the opposite. It requires a lot of concentration and balance. Prepared?


Breathing is the main objective. Learning to breathe and not only. Yoga is a physical and mental activity that seeks to unite body and mind. It is through exercises associated with breathing that yoga reaches balance, awareness and control over the mind. Colina Verde has the perfect conditions for this.


Alone or in a group, Colina Verde is the ideal place for your meditation breaks. The calm of nature brings you the perfect environment to meditate and find yourself.
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